Bowl Show

What is a Bowl Show?

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A Bowl Show is a mini fish show. Each month at our regular meeting there will be three categories (species or types of organisms) in which each member can enter as many fish as they want. A "guest" judge (not the bowl show chairperson) will examine each entry for size, color, general health, overall appearance, etc., to determine first, second, and third place in each category. In addition to receiving an award for that month's show, first place is awarded 25 points, second place 15 points, and third place 10 points. Anyone that does not place in a category is awarded 5 points. At the end of the contest year (August - June), the members who have accumulated the most points will be presented a first, second, and third place certificate for that year. This is an excellent opportunity to show fellow members your prized fish!!

Bowl Show Rules

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1. Only members of M.C.A.S. in good standing (dues paid) may enter in the monthly bowl show competition. An exhibitor may enter as many entries as he/she wants and there is no charge for entries.

2. There may be no more than one fish per container. However, a tank which is divided may contain two fish; one on each divided side. Both fish must be competing in the same bowl show category. All containers must be properly covered.

3. No colored waters or other decorations are allowed. Gravel and backgrounds are optional.

4. Any container will be allowed that has at least one flat side (not including the bottom). Drum bowls (goldfish bowls) are acceptable. Fish are to be shown in a container that is in proportion to the fish's size to accommodate the length.

5. Exhibitors are required to fill out a small form provided by the bowl show chairperson. The form should contain the exhibitor's name, name of fish, common and scientific names when possible. All entries must be placed in the proper category before the judging begins. All entries in place at the time judging commences will be considered without regard to the time entries were placed.

6. The top three exhibitors with the most points accumulated during the ten bowl shows (excluding June and December) for the year will be awarded first, second, and third place certificates respectively at the annual June banquet.

7. To determine the annual winner, points will be awarded as follows:
a. First Place - 25 points
b. Second Place - 15 points
c. Third Place - 10 points

8. Each exhibitor not placing in one of the categories will be awarded 5 points for not placing.

9. Ribbons and certificates will be awarded for first, second, and third place in each monthly category. A "Best of Show" certificate will be awarded to the "Best of Show" fish for that month.

10. Any questions or problems concerning the bowl show are to be directed to the bowl show chairperson.

11. The bowl show chairperson will select the bowl show judge. The decision of the judge is final.


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January: African cichlids, rainbowfish, synodontis
February: Danios, platies, swordtails
March: Barbs, betta, gobies
April: Loaches, wild livebearers, your favorite fish
May: Native fish, plants, other aquatic animals
June: No bowl show - banquet
July: No bowl show - no meeting
August: No bowl show - DIY contest
September: Goldfish, angelfish, killies
October: Guppies, gouramis, plecos
November: Dwarf cichlids, tetras, corys
December: No bowl show - banquet

Judging the Bowl Show

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A one hundred (100) point system will be used whenever possible: twenty (20) points maximum per category.

There are five categories:

Size: Is the fish full size? Is it small for its species?

Color: How does the fish's color look? Some males show more color than females.

Fins: Are the fins fully developed? Are they long and flowing? Are they frayed?

Deportment: Is the fish swimming proudly in the middle of the tank, or is he cowering in a corner? Some species show better than others.

Condition: Does the fish have sores? Is there bacterial growth? Any loose scales? Does the fish look healthy?


Entry Form (.pdf)