Winter Auction

February 25, 2023

*** NEW ADDRESS ! ***
4700 Metro Parkway
Sterling Heights, MI 48310

Seller's Form (.xls)
Seller's Form (.pdf)

Motor City Aquarium Society presents our semi-annual auction of live tropical and pond fish, supplies, and accessories. Expect our usual selection of rare and fancy fish, plants, and new and used aquarium and pond supplies. We also offer a raffle of both live and dry goods from our members, manufacturers and local supporters.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and refreshments are available on site.
Registration runs from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.
Sellers may pre-register two weeks before the auction date but not later than the Saturday before.

The auction begins at 10:30 AM and ends around 6:00 PM.
The building management maintains security video footage for the entire premises.
Breakfast, lunch, snacks, refreshments, and an ATM are available on site.
Stay until the end of the auction for an "end of auction raffle" to win a cash prize.


General Auction Rules and Procedures

Click here to download the .pdf file.

1. This function is open to the public and there is no charge for admission.

2. Goods put up for auction or sale must be aquatic related. No venomous, state or federally restricted goods are allowed.

3. Bring a suitable container to carry away your purchased items, i.e., styrofoam box.

4. MCAS will not be responsible for any item up for auction or sales nor for any personal injury which may occur during the auction or while on its site.

5. Live goods must be packed in suitable plastic bags, buckets or other suitable containers with ample air and water. Specialty fish eggs should be packed in vials, bagged spawning mops or peat moss. Fish size: adult growth to > 1” must be at least 1”; adult to less than 1” adult, ½” minimum. Items requiring re-bagging will be subject to a $1.00 handling fee.

6. All items must be labeled with seller’s name and phone number; live goods should include common and scientific names; number of items and advice as to sex if known. If claiming a “pair” they must be a known male and female. A “spawning pair” must have spawned with each other.

7. Equipment, dry goods, live plants and Minimum Bids MUST GO DIRECT to our Buy It Now table. Live goods are optional. See item (10) below. Other details on our website.

8. Goods must be clean and labeled as to their working condition, i.e., specify if a tank leaks or whether mechanical goods work or not. Bundling of related goods is encouraged, i.e., tank, stand, light fixture; box of filters, lights, heaters, etc. We reserve the right to reject any item not fit for sale (i.e. sick, diseased, severely damaged, etc.).

9. Generally accepted hybrids, (i.e., flower horns and certain African species) will be accepted for auction at the discretion of the auction chairman.

10. Sellers may enter up to 50 total items for sale to include the auction and BIN with a limit of five bags per species or color form. Live goods may enter into the auction and/or into Buy It Now under the 50 total item limitation.

11. Minimum, Reserve Bids or “Fixed Prices” are restricted to the Buy It Now table.

12. Items are not necessarily sold on a first in basis but rather under a priority sticker system administered at time of registration. The auction committee reserves the right to prioritize the sale of all goods, i.e., donations, large fish in buckets, styro boxes, etc.

13. Priority Items: As an exception to the above item, for a non-refundable $2.00 service fee per item, prospective buyers may request the immediate auction of any item.

14. Auction or Buy It Now purchases are payable in cash, (approved) check or credit card. No additional charges for normal mailing, handling & credit purchases.

15. All items become the buyer’s responsibility upon completion of each individual sale.

16. Acting as each individual seller’s agent, MCAS will retain 30% of the selling price.

17. Items not claimed at the close of the auction will become property of the MCAS and disposed of at the sole discretion of the auction chair.

18. Sellers’ proceeds will be mailed within 2 weeks.

Revised 11/2019

Buy It Now Rules and Procedures

Click here to download the .pdf file.

1. Buy-It-Now table will be available from open of auction until 5:00 PM.

2. Sellers must add to their labels “BIN” and a fixed price for each item.

3. Live Goods MAY go to BIN; maximum of 20 items. (Remainder of 50 item auction limit may go to auction)

4. Live Plants, (all) MUST go direct to Buy It Now; maximum of 50 items.

5. Dry Goods & Equipment, (all) MUST go direct to Buy It Now; maximum of 10 items.

6. Goods not sold by 3:00 PM may be reclaimed by owner with no service charge or will remain in BIN and be discounted by MCAS personnel at 20% every half hour.

7. At 5:00 PM unsold goods will not be moved into the auction but will be disposed of at the discretion of MCAS personnel.

8. MCAS will retain 30% of the selling price. There is no additional charge at this time to enter your goods under the Buy-It-Now system.
Revised 11/2019